Diamond Horseshoe Necklace

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Diamond Shoe Necklace

  • .30pt centre diamond
  • 8x .01pt diamonds in shoe nail holes
  • All diamonds are lab grown
  • 9ct Yellow Gold shoe and chain
  • Shoe charm 18mm
  • 9ct White Gold round rubover collet setting centre
  • Oval belcher chain 2.4mm wide attached
  • Necklace length 50cm

  • 1 available only

  • Code: EP152Y DIAMONDS


These are a 'lab grown' diamonds..

  • The differences between Natural Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  • Our Lab-Grown diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds right down to the atom. However, Lab-Grown diamonds are much better for the environment and are 100% ethical.

  • Natural Diamonds have tiny amounts of nitrogen, while Lab-Grown Diamonds have no nitrogen. This is one of the signifiers gemologists use to identify if a diamond is Lab-Grown or natural..

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